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Mine (Or the Pursuit of a Kitten)

(Belated) Birthday gift for faynia! ♥ Hope your day was fun and that you didn't get stampeded by the zoo animals.

The Prompt: Can i request bebe!merlin's first magical accident
starring hunith and um something ridiculously cute

Lovely title courtesy of pasty_pants!

Mine (Or the Pursuit of a Kitten)
G; Gen; 355 words

Merlin wanted the cat.

It's fur stood up, patched and frayed and yellow, and Will, that grubby boy who always tugged on Merlin's ears and smacked his lips at Merlin and of whom Merlin's mother said was going to be his best friend, was holding it in his fat hands.

And Merlin wanted the cat.

"Mine?" he whined, hands out-stretched and grabbing at the air. His mother reached over from the dress she was mending and pushed his hands down. He wobbled his bottom lip at her; it usually worked.

She shook her head. "You're a big boy, Merlin, don't look at me like that. You have to wait your turn."

The moment she looked back down at the dress, Will stuck his tongue out.

Which Merlin refused to take from the ear-tugging prat who didn't even know how to say his own name.

Merlin glared and threw a handful of dirt at Will and glared some more, his whole face squinched in raw anger. He'd never hated Will as much as he did right then. And he really wanted the cat.

The cat flew right into his arms.

Merlin wrapped his arms around it gleefully.

His mum gasped. Merlin stuck his tongue out at Will. Served him right. Will threw a handful of dirt but it landed in his own lap.

"Merlin!" His mum sat the dress aside and kneeled in the dirt next to him, staring intently at his face. "What did you do?"

"Mine," Merlin replied, because, obviously. The cat had jumped away from Will and to him. The cat was all his. He smiled down at it, bending over to smack a kiss between its ears.

The cat stared up at him. Merlin stared back, his lips stretched into a gummy smile. And then the cat yowled, thrashing about. And it had claws.

Merlin let go, tumbled backwards into the dirt. He watched the cat, it's tail high in the air, stalk back to Will, who smacked his lips at Merlin and giggled like a madman.

Merlin rolled around, pressed his face into the dirt, and cried. Will cooed at the cat.
Tags: drabble, general, merlin
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