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Fic List

So, because I like to be organized on the computer but not real life: a list of all my fics in alphabetical order that shall be updated when I write a new one. Basically, I'd just like to see what I've done. Heh.

Oneshot = over 1,000 words
Drabble = under 1,000 words
* = just added to list; new
Jump to Other Fandoms, Harry/Draco, Slash, Het, Femslash, Multiple Pairings, Threesome, Other, Chaptered.

Total: 150

Other Fandoms 19
Not Such a Lone Wolf Big Wolf on Campus: Merton/Tommy g

Bungled Protocol Honeydew Syndrome: Jay/Charles pg
Curative Chain of Events: Seeing Purple Honeydew Syndrome: Erik/Samuel pg
Pawn Honeydew Syndrome: Jay/Charles pg

Orders Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian/Ciel pg
The Silent Cries of Something Not Yet Lost Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian/Ciel pg

And You Thought We Were Joking Merlin (bbc): Merlin/Arthur pg
Exceptions Merlin (bbc): Uther, Merlin/Arthur pg
First Kiss Merlin (bbc): Merlin/Arthur pg
On the Wings of Humans Merlin (bbc): Merlin/Arthur pg
Soft Merlin (bbc): Morgana/Gwen pg
The Art of Looking After Someone Merlin (bbc): Merlin/Freya g
Threads Merlin (bbc): Merlin/Arthur pg

Entertaining the Thought Panic at the Disco: Brendon/Ryan pg
*Moving Through the Dark Panic at the Disco: Brendon/Ryan pg-13
*Ring 'Round My Finger The Young Veins and The Like: Z/Ryan pg

Milk Equates Destruction Queer as Folk: Brian/Justin r
The Taste of Desperation Queer as Folk: Brian/Justin nc-17

Getting It The Covenant: Tyler/Reid nc-17

Harry/Draco Oneshots 40
Accompanied By Snakes nc-17
A Little Too Much Fresh Air pg-13
All For a Petting pg
Being Fine pg-13
Best Time of the Day nc-17
Blame it on the Curtains pg
Breaking nc-17
Breathless and Conscious pg-13
By the Dairy Aisle pg-13
Caring pg-13
Conquering pg
Dying in March pg
Erase g
Falling To Pieces pg-13
Following For What r
Gloss nc-17
Good Shagging in Just Five Lessons nc-17
Ice Dare nc-17
In the Cottage With the Red Door r
In the Park g
Just a Skirt nc-17
Meet in the Middle r
Need pg
Owe pg
Playing Father Christmas light nc-17
Proving Himself nc-17
Proving Himself Still nc-17
Refresh pg
Rude pg-13
Seduction With Tea pg
Shoeless nc-17
Stuffed Bears pg-13
The Battlefield nc-17
The Curse nc-17
The Large Metal Magic-Proof Cage pg-13
Tumble pg-13
Twisted Fairy Tale pg
Uncivil nc-17
Washed Down the Drain nc-17
Waving Penguins nc-17

Harry/Draco Drabbles 40
A Start pg
Black and White and Grey pg
Candy Poison pg
Crisis pg
Dare r
Dark g
Discovery g
Elephant g
For the Thrill pg
Friends and Family g
Frosted Glass pg
Future g
Gryffindor g
Ice Kiss pg
Interview pg
Lost Love g
Measuring g
Melt g
Negatives g
Odd Turn On pg13
Pancake pg
Pant pg
Polyjuice Discovery g
Potion Mishap g
Rescue pg
Scent pg
Seeds g
Silence pg
Stolen Flavour r
Sweet nc-17
Telling pg
Temptation pg
The Door g
Trick pg13
Two Storms pg
Umbrellas g
Undone pg
Wedding Invitation pg
What He Wants g
Which Witch g

Slash Oneshots 2
Hysteria neville/ron pg
Just a Boy harry/charlie pg

Slash Drabbles 6
Addicted seamus/dean g
After neville/ron g
Feeding seamus/dean pg
First Impressions seamus/dean g
No More neville/ron g
Simple peter/regulus g

Het Oneshots 2
Change In Love frank/alice pg
From the Quill harry/ginny pg

Het Drabbles 10
Asleep ron/hermione g
Breakfast in Bed frank/alice g
Dense ron/hermione pg
Desired Lie hermione/blaise pg
My Love ron/hermione g
Nonexistant Manners ron/hermione g
Paint frank/alice g
Sick hermione/neville g
Support remus/lily g
Waves ron/hermione g

Femslash Oneshots 5
Burning pansy/ginny r
Dislike pansy/ginny nc-17
Flower Plait padma/parvati nc-17
Right Kind of Wrong pansy/ginny pg-13
The Eating Habits of Snakes hannah/pansy nc-17

Femslash Drabbles 4
Blood-Red Lips pansy/ginny pg-13
Garbage pansy/ginny pg
Limits pansy/ginny pg
Static pansy/ginny pg

Multiple Pairings Oneshots 6
Halfway to Nowhere albus severus/scorpius, harry/draco pg
Sweet pansy/ginny, harry/draco pg-13
Swept Under harry/draco, hermione/ginny nc-17
The Plan harry/draco, seamus/dean pg-13
Unravel harry/draco, hermione/blaise, hermione/draco pg-13
Spot of Bad Luck albus severus/scorpius, harry/draco pg

Multiple Pairings Drabbles 2
Against What's Expected harry/ginny, harry/draco pg
Her and Him harry/draco, harry/ginny pg
Second Best harry/ginny, harry/draco g

Threesome Oneshots 5
Anything to be Closer to Him harry/draco(/myrtle) nc-17
Maybe More harry/draco/blaise, harry/draco nc-17
Soaked in Sin harry/draco/giant squid nc-17
Surprising Visit angelina/alicia/katie nc-17
Visiting bellatrix/narcissa/andromeda nc-17

Threesome Drabbles 3
Engrave draco/harry/ron pg
Heaven and Hell regulus/remus/sirius pg-13
Together luna/ginny/neville g

Other Drabbles 3
Book Affair irma pince g
Command peter pettigrew pg
Kitty animagus!minerva/lily nc-17

Chaptered Fics 3
Drink arc harry/draco pg-13 Abandoned
Summertime Findings seamus/dean pg Abandoned
Kiss the Cook harry/draco, ron/hermione pg-13
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